My cats or the world.

I haven’t written anything in months. Sorry.

I’m still vegan. One year strong, yah!

People’s selfishness still disappoints me; it still affects me too much, unfortunately. I wish I could just watch and laugh about it like George Carlin would say. Lucky bastard.

Anyways, I came across this video today:

It literally explains everything about who I am. Why I went vegan, why it pisses me off that people don’t take the extra 5 minutes to recycle, why I hate wasting food, why going to the mall is a nightmare for me, why I don’t vote, why I don’t watch mainstream media. This list could go on and on and on. Please watch it and tell me what you think.

Tell me that sometimes it keeps you awake at night too. Tell me that you, too, sometimes feel ashamed of yourself for being stuck in this exact system you resent.

Sometimes, when I watch those “faith in humanity” videos I feel like there’s hope, that we can actually reverse all this. But then, I hear things about the 0,01% billionaires of this world who pretty much control everything we do, and I see absolutely no hope for this world to get better.

I shared this video on Facebook, and I can guarantee you that no one will “like” or “share” it. But when I post a picture of my cats, holy shit! That people love; because it doesn’t require any cognitive work.

I am in a pessimistic mood today, sorry about that.



Dear Head Office.

Dear head office.

You come in like you own the world.

You open the door, beat your way around;

You come in like you own the world.

Dear head office,

you are the elephant in the room,

and you roar like a lion.

You manipulate everything your claws can reach

Dear head office, you do not scare me.

I am a mouse, but you’re the elephant.

I am not inferior,

I am strong.

I will not bend like a slave.

I will not put on a mask to please you,

Dear head office,

you will not make me feel like I’m nothing.

Dear head office,

get off your high heels so you can walk better,

stop talking so you can hear me better

Dear head office,

you are not always right.

Dear head office,

I will not be your slave.