Truce With The Chicken.

I finally made it. I switched. I went from simplicity to complicity. I went from chicken to broccoli. I went vegan.

It’s my, let me count, here, second day. No meat, no milk, no yogourt, no cheese (Oh my God, what have I done!!) I’m not dead yet. I am still wearing a bra, I haven’t sold my car, and I still shave; don’t worry.

It feels good though, I feel like I’ve made the right decision. This thing was meant to happen one day anyways. I’ve always screamed out loud that I was an animal lover; that I could not hurt a fly. Well, I was lying; because there were dead bodies in my plate a few times a week. Oh these chicken were delicious, don’t get me wrong; but I decided that it was time to live the way I was thinking. It was time my plate reflect the way I wanted things to be.

I am going vegan for 3 reasons:

1-The way these animals are being raised, fed, and killed is an absolute atrocity.(I dare you to watch Earthlings and not feel a thing about it.)

2-The cost and the ressources needed to feed these animals (especially cows) are enormous. I am a green freak, and this is just unacceptable. The fact that we have to use so much land just to feed these animals makes me sick. Manure, transportation, packaging… this is more polluting than cars, people! (Watch Vegucated; you don’t need any mental preparation for this one.)

3- Because our food habits are very bad, and I am concerned about my health. By not eating animal products, I have to turn to fruits and veggies. And we all know most of us don’t eat enough of these very nutritious foods. (Watch Food Matters & Hungry For Change)

So, day 2 of veganism, I feel great, I haven’t craved anything yet, and I am discovering new recipes.(There is a vegan chocolate cake in the oven as we speak! :D) My first challenge is coming this Wednesday; family dinner. And they don’t know I’m vegan, yet. Wish me luck.




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