I’m an ant.

Please tell me, tell me I’m not alone in this battle. I feel like I am alone with my desire to make this earth better. I am a bit of a green freak, I’d like to think I can make a difference during my brief time on Earth, but man sometimes do I feel like I’m an ant fighting an elephant. It’s like nobody cares. NOBODY. How hard is it to take that newspaper, and put it in the recycling bin? How hard is it to brush your teeth without leaving the water on. There are people on this Earth walking long distances to have water and then they carry that 50-pound bucket back to their homes. How fair is that? If you can’t do it for the environment, then do it by respect for others. You don’t have to sell your car or stop showering to make a difference; every little move counts!

I am mad at people sometimes; and I include myself in, sometimes I do make bad choices. It makes me mad that people can be so selfish. Me, me, me. That’s all people think about. Honestly if society was more about “us”, if this economic system encouraged social achievements instead of individual achievements, we wouldn’t be in such trouble. We are sick, very sick. And I wish that more people cared about their impact on this very fragile eco-system. If you think that this will never affect you directly, you are wrong. If you think that you can live without it, you are wrong. Where do you think your coffee in the morning comes from? Space? No it comes from a cultivable land. Choices you make every day affect this land. You take your car to get to the corner store that is a block away? You add more CO2 on the air, it makes the atmosphere warmer, it rains less; and, guess what? Coffee plantations need water. EVERYTHING you do affects you one way or another.

So next time you decide to hose down your pavement, think about your morning coffee.Image


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