I hate school.

I hate school. I hate the waste of time; I hate the pointless things they make us learn just because we need to pass a certain number of classes to have a nice 11×14 piece of paper with our name on it that proves we somewhat fulfilled society’s expectation.

And what is this? Why do I have to have a degree hung on my wall to prove that I am knowledgeable, to prove that I am worthy of a successful life? I’ve been wasting my time and money for 4 years now, and I can honestly say that school hasn’t taught me anything valuable or useful. Why do we have to go to school to learn about a future career? We are being shaped by the few who control this world who want us to be a certain way; they are the puppet masters. We need to be good and efficient workers. We need to bring in the money. We need to work our 8 to 4 like slaves; doing repetitive and pointless jobs because that’s the way it is. Why can’t school be about life? Why can’t I take classes that’d make me be a better person, that’d help me live in society, that’d make me think for myself and analyse things around me? Why can’t we graduate in Life? Wouldn’t that be more useful? Instead, we are forced into this factory, having barely any freedom of choice, getting out of there brainwashed thinking that being successful in life means having a good job, a great house, 2 kids, a three-door garage, a cottage in Florida and a golden retriever.

Going to university (and graduating at some point) will be the first and only thing I will ever do to satisfy society. Once I finally get that piece of paper, then people can stop telling me what to do and leave me alone.




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