I’ve been thinking a lot lately. In fact, I’ve been thinking a lot for the past 6 years. Ever since I did the Katimavik program ( ), I realized that, first, I have a huge impact on my environment; second,  that our society is facing countless problems.

And it’s literally tearing me apart because I’ve also noticed that we – *activists* people – are an obvious minority, and it makes it very difficult to tell the world the truth, the REAL truth. And because I’m trying to change the world my own way I thought, why not use the internet and social media to share my thoughts? Maybe, somehow, I will switch on a light in someone’s head and make them realize things they had never thought about before. And because I am pretty comfortable in English and that English is THE world language, I decided to use it and put aside my French roots for the purpose of this blog. ( Sorry in advance for the grammar mistakes! )

I don’t know how often I am going to be posting here nor exactly what I am going to be posting, but one thing I know is that it’ll be about things in life that concern me, and that I feel are important to share.

Hopefully it’ll make me reflect on my own thoughts. And if nobody reads me well, it’s ok, at least it’ll make me feel like I am talking to someone and not feel so alone with my conviction.


* I do not consider myself an activist, because sadly I don’t have the balls to take real actions yet. Work in progress..Image


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